Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases [CE05]

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Monday to Friday (full days)


Maarten Schim van der Loeff, MD, PhD, Staff of Public Health Service Amsterdam, National Institute for Public Health Bilthoven and invited speakers.

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€ 870


Public Health Service, Amsterdam NL




Introductory level epidemiology.


  • Epidemiology


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Detailed information about this course:


Quantitative approaches play an important role in the understanding of the spread of infectious diseases and provide important tools for prevention. During the course, the basic notions that describe the mechanisms behind the spread of a disease will be introduced. Several examples of what can be learned from the use of quantitative models will be given.

The relation between the specific characteristics of some infectious diseases and their spread will be exemplified, e.g. for tuberculosis, hepatitis, measles, influenza, AIDS. Only a basic level of mathematics is needed, and exercises will be given to practice the theoretical concepts.

Topics covered are:

  • Important concepts and tools in modelling the spread of infectious disease.
  • Some important quantities related to the spread of infectious diseases (incidence, prevalence, cumulative incidence, incubation time, latent time, period of infectiousness); estimation of these quantities, with an example from the HIV epidemic.
  • Simulating large scale and small scale epidemics using the computer.
  • Basic reproductive number (R0) as central determinant of whether an epidemic develops.
  • Mode of transmission (e.g. airborne, sexual) in relation to the characteristics of spread.
  • Heterogeneous spread; the role of mixing between subgroups; contact patterns.
  • Molecular epidemiology as a new tool to monitor and model the spread of an infectious disease.

Prevention programmes.

  • Vaccination strategies in relation to characteristics of the infectious disease.
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses of prevention and treatment.
  • Screening of pooled blood samples.


  • Understanding the basic mechanisms of the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Acquire knowledge of the important concepts and tools in modelling spread of infectious diseases.
  • Understanding how infectious disease models can provide important tools for prevention.

Participant profile

Epidemiologists, clinicians and public health researchers with an interest in quantitative methods.


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