Principles in Causal Inference [EP01]

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Full weekdays


Sonja Swanson, PhD, Jeremy Labrecque

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€ 870


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam NL




Study Design (CC01), NIHES checks whether you meet this prerequisite.


  • Epidemiology

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Epidemiologic research often entails asking and trying to answer questions toward understanding the causes and consequences of health outcomes. Answers to such causal questions require us to combine data (e.g., from observational studies) with assumptions to estimate causal effects. This course will teach students to think critically and rigorously about the implications of study design and analysis toward addressing such causal questions. Students will learn formal causal inference "languages" – including the concept of a target trial, causal diagrams, and counterfactual theory – to articulate research questions, inform an analytic approach, and identify threats to validity such as confounding.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of a target trial, counterfactual theory, and causal diagrams and apply them to ask scientific questions;
  • Describe, identify, and assess threats to validity in study designs and analysis, including confounding, selection bias, and measurement error/misclassification;
  • Engage in evidence-based discussions regarding the validity of a particular research study’s design and analysis with respect to addressing causal questions.

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NIHES students attending the MSc in Health Sciences, with specialization in Epidemiology or Clinical Epidemiology or NIHES students attending the MSc in Clinical Research. Other graduate students are welcome to take the course as well.


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