Advanced Analysis of Prognosis Studies [EWP13]

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Wednesday to Friday, exam is Tuesday after class week.


Prof. Ewout Steyerberg, PhD, David van Klaveren, PhD

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€ 705


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam NL




Knowledge of basic epidemiological notions, especially cohort studies and randomized controlled trials.

Knowledge of statistical concepts (t-test, normal distribution, correlation) and regression techniques (linear, logistic, Cox regression).


  • Clinical Epidemiology


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Detailed information about this course:


Prognostic models are increasingly published in the medical literature each year. But are the results relevant for clinical practice? What are the critical elements of a well developed prognostic model? How can we assume that the model makes accurate predictions for our patients, and not only for the sample that was used to develop the model (generalizability, or external validity)?

In the course we will address these and other questions from a methodological perspective, using examples from the clinical literature.The participants will be encouraged to participate in interactive discussions and in practical computer exercises.


  • Increasing the knowledge of the roles that prognostic models may play in clinical practice and the critical factors that determine the validity of predictions from a prognostic model.
  • Gain insight in the pitfalls in prognostic model development with standard statistical techniques.
  • Acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge on advanced statistical techniques in prognostic model development and validation, specifically on regression modeling.


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