Study Towards a PhD

Are you interested in continuing your research training after your Master’s programme, or are you seeking to maximize your chances of qualifying for a PhD research project? Consider our Postgraduate Programme, an extra year of research training to talented and ambitious holders of a master’s degree, culminating in two additional draft research papers.

If you are looking for  possibilities to do a PhD research project, NIHES and other departments in Erasmus MC provide a  limited number of paid PhD positions. An overview  is available at

NIHES does not provide PhD funding. However, it is possible to pursue an externally funded PhD programme with Erasmus MC researchers, in which it is possible to embed NIHES courses. If you have your own funding and are looking for a PhD supervisor (promotor), search for a senior researcher in your area of research in our Research Themes guide. You can contact him/her directly, providing your CV, your motivation, and your ideas about a research topic. Please take into account that Erasmus MC receives many requests for PhD supervision, so make sure that you are clear about your ambitions and experience.

Study Towards a PhD programme overview

Postgraduate Programme | 1 Year | FULL-TIME

For whom?

Consider one additional year of acquiring post-MSc research training, if you’d like to acquire more research experience or increase your chances of qualifying for a PhD research project.

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  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Public Health Epidemiology
  • Genomic & Molecular Epidemiology