Programmes & specializations videos

Specializations in “Health Sciences”


“Biostatistics specialization combines a solid study of modern statistical methodology with up-to-date information on topics such as study design, clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, causal inference, and tools for reproducible research.”

Dimitris Rizopoulos, Programme Director Biostatistics

Clinical Epidemiology

“Clinical epidemiology, which is both empirical and patient oriented, is most suited for a combination of the quantitative approach in clinical research and clinical practice.”

Prof Myriam Hunink, Programme Director Clinical Epidemiology


“The epidemiology programme aims to prepare candidates for a research position in the area of clinical medicine or public health, or for example a more health policy oriented career.”

Prof Arfan Ikram, Programme Director Epidemiology

Health Economic Analysis

“The Health Economic Analysis specialization offers a unique combination of epidemiological and health economic courses, which aims at teaching you important analytical and professional skills for designing, carrying out and reporting academic research in the field of health economics.”

Arthur Attema, Programme Director Health Economic Analysis

Medical Psychology

“Medical psychology is an academic field which is enjoying a new found appreciation in health sciences, one that takes a closer look into the interaction between psychological factors and health.”

Prof Jan van Busschbach, Programme Director Medical Psychology

Public Health Epidemiology

“Public health epidemiology is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society.”

Prof Alex Burdorf, Programme Director Public Health Epidemiology


Research Master in “Clinical Research”

“The Research Master in Clinical Research research master is directed at providing students with the skills essential to patient-oriented clinical research.”

Prof Meike Vernooij, Programme Director Clinical Research