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Research Master in Clinical Research

“The Research Master in Clinical Research research master is directed at providing students with the skills essential to patient-oriented clinical research.”

Prof. Meike Vernooij, Programme Director Clinical Research


Specializations in Research Master in Health Sciences & 
Master of Sciences in Health Sciences:


“Biostatistics specialization combines a solid study of modern statistical methodology with up-to-date information on topics such as study design, clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, causal inference, and tools for reproducible research.”

Prof. Dimitris Rizopoulos, Programme Director Biostatistics


Clinical Epidemiology

“Clinical Epidemiology, which is both empirical and patient oriented, involves diagnostic, prognostic, preventive and intervention studies.”

Prof. Myriam Hunink, Programme Director Clinical Epidemiology



“The epidemiology programme aims to prepare candidates for a research position in the area of clinical medicine or public health, or for example a more health policy oriented career.”

Prof. Arfan Ikram, Programme Director Epidemiology


Genomic & Molecular Epidemiology

“The genomic & molecular epidemiology track focuses on complex diseases and identifies the possible familial and hereditary factors underlying the origins and manifestations of the disease. The programme offers several opportunities to bring genomic discoveries into clinical practice bringing personalized medicine several steps closer.”

Prof. Fernando Rivadeneira, MD PhD, Programme Director Genomic & Molecular Epidemiology


Health Decision Sciences

“In the Health Decision Sciences track, we use quantitative approaches to address medical problems in order to reach optimal decisions. In doing so, we look at the evidence, values, patient preferences, and costs and we combine these in a logical systematic way.”

Prof. Myriam Hunink,

Dear NIHES tutor,


Below message has been sent out to this year’s graduates.

You too are invited to take part in the Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Friday 28 August at 14.00 CEST.

The ceremony will start with the parallel sessions in which you, the tutor will speak a few words to? about your graduate. Moeten we niet zeggen dat ze niet over de graduate spreken maar de graduate toespreken? En niet iedereen weet denk ik wat dat betekent. En misschien ook aangeven dat de parallelsessies een uur duren? Dat daarna de plenaire sessie is? Daarin hebben ze geen actieve rol.

In case you cannot make it, please suggest a substitute and let us know as soon as possible. Dit moet even met Omayra worden kortgesloten. Want als zij dit ook al aan het uitvragen zijn gaat het langs elkaar heen. En een deadline geven, anders kunnen we de indelingen niet maken. Uiterlijk 10 aug?? En dan maar hopen dat ze niet met vakantie zijn….


More information will become available soon.


Health Economic Analysis

“The Health Economic Analysis specialization offers a unique combination of epidemiological and health economic courses, which aims at teaching you important analytical and professional skills for designing, carrying out and reporting academic research in the field of health economics.”

Arthur Attema, Programme Director Health Economic Analysis


Medical Psychology

“Medical psychology is an academic field which is enjoying a new found appreciation in health sciences, one that takes a closer look into the interaction between psychological factors and health.”

Prof. Jan van Busschbach, Programme Director Medical Psychology


Public Health Epidemiology

“Public health epidemiology is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society.”

Prof. Alex Burdorf, Programme Director Public Health Epidemiology