Vision & Mission

What we aspire to

We believe that to solve vital health issues, knowledge and application of quantitative research methodology is key. Being an international academic research institute, we aim to inspire and guide talented students from all over the globe in their pursuit to become leading health professionals, excellent researchers and pioneers who want to make a difference.

How we make it happen

Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES) offers excellence in education by bringing together an international renowned faculty that invests in innovative research methodology and training. NIHES closely guides our new generations to become leading scientists with critical thinking skills and a curiosity driven mindset that are fascinated by scientific questions in the areas of clinical epidemiology and public health.

What we offer

NIHES offers a unique combination of academic research education and training in Health Sciences and Clinical Research relevant for clinical and population sciences. Our extensive course offerings together with our state of the art research facilities are a springboard for students to launch themselves into successful careers in all fields of medical research. Our programmes are valued by students for their customized adjustability, diversity, quality, and innovative approach.

Let us help you leave your mark

We invest in talented participants that aspire to leave their footprints in the field of Health Sciences and Clinical Research. They, in turn, inspire the world and make it healthier, step by step.