Research Themes

Thanks to the work of researchers around the globe, knowledge and skills are developing rapidly in clinical research and the health sciences. At the center of each new development are a healthcare professional who has successfully posed the right questions about patient-related problems and a researcher who has formulated the research protocol to address those questions. As well as providing a comprehensive background to clinical, epidemiological, and public health research methods, our master programmes give a working knowledge of research in a specialist area. An important part of these programmes is dedicated to a research project in which students work under the guidance of a supervisor, to whom they are assigned at the start of the academic year. These activities lead to the writing of a thesis and may lead to the submission of an article to an international scientific journal.

Research Themes Guide

The chapters below represent the research activities and research lines of the departments and research groups participating in the Clinical Research and Health Sciences programmes. It is extensive but not exhaustive and serves as a guide to our students. Our students also have the option to propose their own project. The projects listed keep changing over time as the research evolves and as priorities change – we do our best to keep the list updated but you may find that we have missed something or that some projects have in the meantime been completed. Consider this guide a starting point to inspire you and please explore the possibilities that appeal to you. We sincerely hope that this guide will entice you to join this challenging program and to find a project that you would like to work on!

Professor Myriam Hunink, MD PhD
Co-director Health Sciences

Professor Kamran Ikram, MD PhD
Co-director Health Sciences



A. A. Mahabier
S. Greenfield-Gader