Upon arrival

Register at City Hall

It is obligatory to register at the city hall only if your stay in the Netherlands is longer than 4 months. The registration should be at the city hall near your residence area. For scheduling an appointment visit the website http://www.rotterdam.nl/langskomenopafspraak (afspraak maken > registratie niet-ingezeten).

The required documents for the registration are:

  • Completed and signed registration form (download form)
  • Valid passport or valid identity card (the original document plus a copy)
  • Rental contract and a tenancy agreement (download tenancy agreement) or declaration by the main occupant (‘verklaring van inwoning’ – download declaration) or a housing permit for those who do not live in accommodation provided by SSH
  • Legalised copy of the original birth certificate with apostille stamp

* For more information about legalising documents, please see the website of the Government of the Netherlands. Apostille stamp: this is issued by a designated central authority (the Minister of Justice or Foreign Affairs in most countries).

*If you have questions about the birth certificate, we recommend that you contact the city hall directly. You can find their contact details here

  • Dutch residence permit (for Non-EU/EEA students)
  • Proof of deregistration from the Municipal Personal Records Database (Students from the Netherlands Antilles or Aruba)
  • Marriage certificate (translated and legalised or with apostille) (Married students who will be staying in the Netherlands for more than 6 months)



The public transportation in Rotterdam is easy and serves all the city areas. The ret.nl provides information regarding the tram, bus and metro. For the trips it is necessary to own an OV-chipcard that can be either anonymous bought from a RET ticket machine, RET offices or online for €7.50 or with personal details which is available for order only online. Both cards can be used for the train transits instead of tickets. Moreover, it is possible to get 40% discount on all the trips except the rush hours and the weekends with the “off-peak discount pass” that costs €50 a year. For the paper tickets it is possible to buy them online at ns.nl or from the ticket machines at the stations.

A website (and mobile application) that plans journeys and combines all the transport modes is the website www.9292.nl.


One of the best way to meet the Dutch culture is to cycle. Bikes is the best solution to move around the city fast, cheap and easy. The second-hand bicycle is a good option for reasonable prices. Bikes shop, marktplaats.nl and facebook groups such as the commodity market Rotterdam are usually the best way to search for a second-hand bike. Moreover, at Erasmus MC, there is a bicycle repair shop in the basement of the He-building, open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.