Cancellation policy



Master of Science in Health Sciences | 70 EC points and Postgraduate Programme | 70 EC points

The following cancellation fees will be charged:

  • Cancellations between 1 July and 31 December in the starting year of your programme: course fees of the courses which should have been attended up until the date on which the written cancellation is received + € 750 for administrative costs.
  • Cancellations after 31 December after the start of the programme: the total tuition fee.
  • For Erasmus MC PhD candidates: in case you discontinue your Master programme, the ‘Cancellation policy for courses’ applies to all courses you are registered for when you discontinue the programme. The policy can be found on How to apply – NIHES, choose ‘Courses’, Cancellation policy.

Research Master in Health Sciences or Research Master in Clinical Research | 2 Years | FULL-TIME |120 EC points

For full details, please go to the EUR website: Home > Erasmus Student Service Centre > Finances > Tuition Fee.

Or contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre open from Monday through Friday from 09.30 to 17.00 hours via phone number +31 (0)10 408 2323.




NIHES charges a cancellation fee of €75 for all cancellations made more than 22 days before the start of the course. 50% of the course fee is due for cancellations made between 21 and 10 days before the starting date. The full course fee is due for cancellations made less than 10 days before the starting date, or in case of no show without cancellation. For external participants, the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration, for Erasmus MC PhD students, or Erasmus MC participants who chose to pay via the cost centre of their department, the invoice will be sent to the head of department.

Cancellations must be sent by email to

If additional information is required to process your course registration, you will receive an email with a request to upload the information via OSIRIS Case. If the required information is not uploaded within 7 working days after the day on which the request is sent, we will cancel your course registration. Please note that the cancellation policy will apply based on the full course fee.