Fun Facts

When coming the Netherlands, it is nice to be well prepared. Here are 20 interesting facts about the Netherlands: 

  1. 26% of the Netherlands is under sea level
  2. The International Court of Justice (at the Peace Palace) and the International Criminal Court are both situated in The Hague
  3. The Netherlands still has around a thousand old-fashioned working windmills
  4. The Netherlands is the third biggest exporter of agricultural produce, preceded only by the US and France, even though only 4% of the Dutch population works in the agriculture sector
  5. The Netherlands has no less than 32,000 km of cycle paths
  6. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world
  7. Every Dutch person owns a bike and there are twice as many bikes as there are cars
  8. The Van Gogh collections in the Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum are the largest in the world
  9. The Netherlands has the highest concentration of museums in the world
  10. The highest point in the Netherlands is in Vaals and is 323 meters above sea level, and is also the point where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (the “Drielandenpunt”) meet
  11. Amsterdam is the capital, but the government is in The Hague
  12. The Netherlands has more than 4,400 km of navigable rivers, canals and lakes
  13. Saint Nicholas’ Eve (“Sinterklaasavond”) on December 5th is the Netherlands’ number one traditional holiday
  14. The Netherlands has approximately 1,5 million cows, which together produce 10 billion liters of milk
  15. 500 million kilos of cheese are exported per year
  16. The Netherlands has 1048 windmills and 108 water mills
  17. The mills in the Netherlands represent the age-long battle against water
  18. Many of the Dutch eat a Dutch delicacy using only their hands: raw herring with onions. You should definitely try it!
  19. The first country to legalize same sex marriages in 2001
  20. 75% of the world’s flower bulb production comes from Netherlands