Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MPP)

MPP studies the behaviour of patients, their perception on illness and the interaction with professionals and caregivers. There is a focus on:

  • Theme 1: Mother and child around the time of delivery’: Dr. Annemerle Beerthuizen
  • Theme 2: (Living) kidney transplantation: Dr. Sohal Ismail
  • Theme 3: (Shared) decision-making in oncology: A qualitative approach: Dr. Sohal Ismail
  • Theme 4: The EuroQol EQ-5D quality of life questionnaire: Prof. Jan van Busschbach
  • Theme 5: Psychological interventions to target obesity: Dr. Leonieke Kranenburg
  • Theme 6: Burn-out prevention strategies in various populations: Dr. Leonieke Kranenburg
  • Theme 7: Impact of women specific psychiatric disorders: Dr. Astrid Kamperman

For NIHES students we have several opportunities to write a master thesis. Notably, you will have the opportunity to work as a member of a research team. Your cooperation will be facilitated with caring supervision.

Sometimes, the data or large parts of the data is already available. The best way forward is to discuss your interest in medical psychology research with one of the scientists mentioned above.

Examples of their work are:

  • Long term effect of a program to increase fertility: data collection and analysis
  • National Postpartum Psychosis Prevention Study; mentally vulnerable women and their offspring
  • Comparing different ways of coping
  • Several possibilities using EQ-5D data: Test-retest online using discrete choice; norm scores of the EQ-5D of the general population, the modelling (effects of) of co-morbidity on quality of life: additive or multiplicative; a meta-analysis sensitivity EQ-5D in depression; linking EQ-5D to payment of compensation money (smartengeld) etc.
  • Impact of exposure to psychiatric symptoms or psychiatric medication on the offspring Consequences of hormone-related affective disorders (e.g. PMS/PMDD/Postpartum depression) on the life of women and their families