Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Theme 1: Oral and Craniofacial Health

Prof Eppo Wolvius; Prof Fernando Rivadeneira; Lea Kragt, PhD (contact: l.kragt@erasmusmc.nl)

OCH is a multi-disciplinary research group that studies the determinants and consequences of oral health and craniofacial growth in children and adolescents. Our aim is to identify environmental, lifestyle and personal factors related to oral and craniofacial health in order to develop effective strategies to improve oral health.

Oral health can be assessed from both the patient’s point of view and the health care provider’s point of view. However, the criteria and outcomes can differ greatly. Moreover, oral health has many different aspects such as anatomical properties, functional and psychological factors, and aesthetic aspects. We measure oral health in different ways, based on clinical outcome measures as well as questionnaires.

We are internationally unique by leverage research expertise from different backgrounds, working with data on cell, patient and population level. The focus of this research group is on

  1. Genetics and epigenetics of oral health and craniofacial growth
  2. The oral microbiome in oral health and disease
  3. Oral health related quality of life throughout the life course
  4. Social and environmental determinants of oral health
  5. The relationship between oral as well as craniofacial health and general health

For NIHES students we have several opportunities to write a master thesis.

Visit our website: www.oral-health.nl