Application and Admission for medical students of Erasmus MC

Medical students at Erasmus MC may apply for the Research Master programmes in Clinical Research or Health Sciences, when they receive an invitation from their Dean, or when they feel they qualify for participation in one of the programmes.

Invitation from the Dean

In the course of March, the Dean of the Erasmus Medical Center selects those students who belong to the upper 10% of all third year Bachelor students, based on their study results. These students will receive an invitation to apply for one of the Master’s programmes at Erasmus MC.

How to apply?

If you have received an invitation letter from the dean or you feel you are eligible for the Research Master programmes in Clinical Research or Health Sciences, please:

a. Prepare your application

  • Most recent transcript of records: here you can upload a study progress report from OSIRIS of your bachelor of medicine results so far, including your grade average.
  • Curriculum vitae (résumé) in English. Include:
    • a list of educational institutes attended and corresponding dates;
    • degree(s) obtained or expected to obtain;
    • work experience and corresponding dates of employment for each position held;
    • research experience and a complete list of publications;
    • all other relevant information.
  • Letter of motivation in English: explain your wish to apply and the career you wish to pursue. Please clearly state whether you would like to be considered for research in Health Sciences or in Clinical Research (max. 500 words)

b. Complete the online application form

Application form via Studielink


  • Note that the application form in studielink requires several mandatory fields. You can fill in Not Applicable (na) or upload a blanc document.
  • To be able to select you for the programme for medical students at Erasmus MC, we require that you fill under the tab  “Additional questions previous education”:

1. Official name of your bachelor’s/undergraduate degree programme in the original language: Medicine
2. Educational institution where you obtain(ed) your bachelor’s degree: Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • Under the tab “Additional questions Erasmus University Rotterdam” you need to fill in: “How will you finance your studies”, and  “Send invoice to”.  Answer both questions with other because finances are covered via your registration in Studielink for the study Medicine at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Within two days after filling out the Studielink form, you will receive a number of emails, one of which contains instructions regarding the follow-up application process with a link to the institutional application form.

If after 48 hours you have not received an email with further instructions, please contact us at Be aware that the email may be in your spam folder!

The second application form includes fields where you should upload all the documents you have prepared in step 2 (above).

N.B. When filling in the application form, please note that your invoice address needs to be correct. If you change your invoice address after completing your application form an administrative fee of €25,- will be charged.

c. Submit your application

Application deadline

The deadline for your application is 1 April of the year you wish to start the programme.

Selection procedure

The Admissions Committee, including members of the board of the Master’s Clinical Research of Erasmus MC and of the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences, makes the final selection. As a limited number of places are available in the programmes, the committee makes a first selection based on the applications they received. They will select you for an interview when you are registered as a third year medical bachelor student at the Erasmus University at the moment of your application.

The second and final selection is based on an interview (partly in English) with the student. Interviews will be held May 4 and 5 at Erasmus MC or through Zoom. Shortly after these take place, students will be informed of the Committee’s decision in writing. Please note that this decision is preliminary and depends on the successful completion of the bachelor medical degree.

After admission to the Research Master programme

Once you have been formally admitted, at the end of the third year’s Bachelor in Medicine, registration of your enrolment in the Master’s programmes Clinical Research or Health Sciences as second study programme next to your medical master programme is required. The research master programme runs parallel to the medical programme and will finish after receiving the Master in Medicine degree.

Registration and costs of the Research Master programmes

Medical students at Erasmus MC who are admitted to the programme Clinical Research or Health Sciences should formally register at the EUR to formalize their enrolment in one of the Master of Science programmes as second study programme next to their medical programme. The Research Master programme runs parallel to the medical programme and will finish after the student receives his Master in Medicine degree. The Department of Admission, Registration and Housing at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will further coordinate your registration and all tuition-fee related issues after we have confirmed your admission. No extra costs will be taken into account for students who have been admitted through this procedure. The standard university fees are still applicable.

Recommended literature, course material, and travel expenses related to a possible study visit abroad are not included in the tuition fee.