Brand new specialisation Medical Psychology

NIHES proudly presents the new specialisation Medical Psychology for the MSc programme in Health Sciences (70 ECTS). The specialisation aims to enhance the opportunities within the field of Health Sciences.

MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY is an academic field which is enjoying a new found appreciation in health sciences, one that takes a closer look into the interaction between psychological factors and health. For instance, how do physical complaints affect our psychological functioning? And also: why does our psychological make-up sometimes make us vulnerable to diseases, or prevent us from getting better? Students will constantly be confronted with thought-provoking research. Apart from studying these kinds of questions, medical psychologists also study doctor-patient communication and decision-making, and develop and evaluate psychological interventions for somatic complaints such as pain and fatigue. This allows for a more enriched understanding of these topics.

The short courses of this new specialisation are also open to those interested in just participating in one of these courses. The short courses include: Psychology in Medicine, Qualitative Research, Preventing Failed Interventions in Behavioural Research, and Psychopharmacology.

Prorgamme Master of Science in Health Sciences, specialisation Medical Psychology