Health Policy and Management

This institute brings together knowledge and experience of social medicine sciences, economics, law and management. Research is targeted on quality and evaluation of health care: structure and financing of health care including health insurance, competition policy in health care and historical developments in these fields, and strategy and management of health care organisations. The institute closely cooperates with the institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA).

The Institute’s research is organised in three programmes:

Competition and regulation in healthcare
This research focuses on the relationship between the organisation, financing and performance of healthcare systems. From an economic, legal and political-administrative perspective, the performance of healthcare systems is explored with regard to quality, affordability, efficiency, solidarity and accessibility of healthcare. With this research, the Institute intends to contribute significantly to better organisation of healthcare systems around the world.

Quality and efficiency in healthcare
In this research programme the main focus is on assessing and evaluating the quality, the relative effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare provision and healthcare technologies. Primary objectives are quality assessment and evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions. Research outcomes provide useful insights that contribute to establish well-founded and more patient-oriented quality policies and more efficient delineation of the basic benefits package. The research provides healthcare insurers, healthcare organisations, care providers and patients with important information, which they can use to underpin decision-making.

Management and organisation of healthcare delivery
This research focuses on healthcare delivery. Issues of special interest are quality and safety, the organisation of health processes, human resource management, finances and ICT, and improving the methods and techniques used in several fields of study. The main goal is to equip healthcare organisations with useful insights and instruments to help them perform well in an increasingly complicated environment.

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