Psychiatry, Section of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy

The research programme of this department section investigates behaviour in a broad sense – including the affective and cognitive domains – both as a risk factor and as the outcome of disease or intervention. Its current head points are pain and clinical genetics. Further projects focus on adaptive process and psychotherapy in a realm of medical fields, such as cardiovascular, neurological, and intestinal diseases, and reproduction. Fundamental and psychometric research concentrates on emotions, unconscious processes, coping and defence mechanisms, and quality of life. The programme is carried out in close collaboration with clinical departments of the Erasmus University Medical Center.

The section of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy is part of the Department of Psychotherapy.

Examples of current research:
Psychological and ethical aspects of kidney donation
This research programme is carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Internal Medicine (Nephrology and Transplantation) of Erasmus MC. Together they study the psychological and ethical aspects of live kidney donation.

Quality of Life research, especially of generic quality of life
The section is involved in developing the EQ-5D, a standardised instrument for use as a measure of health outcome, which has become the world’s dominant quality of life questionnaire in health economics.

Evaluations of interventions, such as chronic pain, psychotherapy, lifestyle for diabetics and obesity.

Palliative care, e.g. communication with cancer patients in the palliative phase

Reproductive medicine, in particular among immigrant patients, e.g. the burden of various fertility treatment strategies.

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