Public Health

The main objective of the department is to conduct leading research and education that will have a discernible impact on population health at the local, national, and international level. Its goals include high-quality scientific publications on relevant and innovative topics, and disseminating knowledge and expertise to support evidence-based public health.

The department has two research programmes:

Determinants of population health and primary preventive interventions
This research addresses the specific contribution of a wide array of factors affecting population health, often by applying novel quantitative methods that can capture the complex interrelationships among individual characteristics and behaviours and the living and working environment. This knowledge is subsequently used to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of primary preventive interventions and associated costs and benefits. These interventions are conducted in a variety of environments, such as schools, workplaces, and neighbourhoods. The programme brings together four research groups: social determinants of population health, occupational health, cancer surveillance, and youth healthcare.

Effects of screening and medical interventions on population health
This research is designed to contribute to improved population health by evaluating the favourable and unfavourable effects – and the cost-effectiveness of – healthcare interventions, in particular screening for diseases, clinical interventions, interventions in end-of-life care and tropical disease control. This programme consists of three research groups: evaluation of screening, medical decision-making and infectious diseases control. The department’s commitment to improving population health is combined with a strong emphasis on quantitative research methods, thus maximising quality and public health impact. The researchers conduct observational as well as experimental studies and often use advanced statistical methods and computer simulation models.

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