Public Health Research: Intervention Development and Evaluation [HS02c]

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Weekdays, except Wednesday


Frank van Lenthe, PhD , and others

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€ 860






Methods of Public Health Research (ESP11), Analysis of Population Health (HS02a) and Analysis of Determinants (HS02b)


  • Public Health


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Detailed information about this course:


Public Health Research: from Epidemiology to Health Promotion

Module: Intervention Development and Evaluation.

This module elaborates on the intervention development, implementation and evaluation phases in the model of planned promotion of public health.

Students will:

  • be introduced to strategies and opportunities of primary and secondary prevention;
  • learn how to work from determinants to interventions, i.e. how to translate determinants into intervention goals and intervention components and;
  • learn about the opportunities and challenges of evaluation of primary and secondary prevention interventions and;
  • be introduced to theory and challenges in dissemination of prevention interventions.

The course uses examples from health behaviour change, cancer screening, and vaccination.

Note: HS02a, HS02b and HS02c will be tested after the HS02c course! If you are taking all three courses, you need to pass all three courses separately.


  • to understand the important strategies for prevention;
  • to have basic insight into the process of prevention intervention development;
  • to have knowledge of the opportunities and barriers in evaluation of prevention interventions;
  • to have skills to choose and apply the different research designs that can be used in evaluation of prevention intervention.


Attendance, Written exam, Assignment(s)

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