Lecture experience at NIHES

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of an actual lecture, experience classroom dynamics and imagine yourself as a ΝΙΗΕS student.

During the academic year visitors are welcome to attend a NIHES lecture. We created a list of recommended courses open to visitors from February till April 2017. Please understand that due to schedule constraints, there may not be a course available in your field of interest during the time of your visit. In that case, be open minded! Please take a look at the five courses we offer you the opportunity to participate and choose the one fits you the best.


08-02-2017: Pharmacopsycology (MP03)

20-02-2017: Diagnostic Research (EWP05)

01-03-2017: Survival Analysis for Clinicians (EWP24)

06-03-2017: Advanced Topics in Decision-making in Medicine (EWP02)

08-03-2017: Principles of Epidemiologic Data-analysis (EWP25)

11-04-2017: Planning and Evaluation of Screening (HS05)


The Lecture Experience at NIHES will also include a tour at Erasmus MC and a meeting with our programme coordinator.

For your application please send an email with the course of your choice and your CV to m.nikolaidou@erasmusmc.nl. NIHES will evaluate your application and will inform you whether you are selected to participate.