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New Programme Director for the Research Master Clinical Research

We are excited to announce that as per the 1st of November, Prof. Kamran Ikram, MD PhD, has been smoothly transitioning into the role of programme director of the Research Master in Clinical Research. He took over this role from Prof. Meike Vernooij, MD PhD, who brought a lot of knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm to the role.

Flowers for Prof. Meike Vernooij for her farewell.

Prof. Kamran Ikram, new programme director for the Research Master Clinical Research.


Kamran brings valuable expertise as a professor at the departments of Neurology & Epidemiology  and as vascular neurologist at the Erasmus MC.

He is a familiar face at NIHES as a lecturer for the NIHES core course Study Design [CK010] and the Erasmus Summer Programme course, The Practice of Epidemiologic Analysis [ESP 65].

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