Publicated: 06 Jun, 2018

A mentor as sparring partner

Erasmus MC has launched a mentoring program for talented scientists. The first workshop will start in June, followed by an English-language workshop in September.

“The mentoring program focuses on scientists and academic medical specialists”, says Corine van der Sande, one of the organizers. “A mentor can give strategic advice about your career, research or education. Moreover, you learn to enhance your visibility, to become more effective and to improve your networking.”

A mentor uses his or her own experience, skills and expertise to help a younger colleague to develop. The mentor acts as a guide, a role model and a professional who gives feedback on the developmental process of the mentee. Scientists who have the potential to develop towards an position of university lecturer or associate professor qualify for the program, says Van der Sande: “The program is open to candidates who received their clinical PhD eight years ago or their non-clinical PhD three years ago,  who have received an external grant and who are driven, ambitious, and good team players.

Mentees will be linked to a mentor for the period of one year in which they will meet four times. There will also be intervisions with other mentees in between. Prof. Lex Burdorf of the department of Public Health: “It is wonderful to be able to contribute to the development of young talent, such as Laura. I challenge her to create an innovative and inspiring working environment and to show leadership.” Laura Zwaan, university lecturer says: “Lex is an important sounding board for me. He is my sparring partner on situations I come across in my work. It helps me in taking the next steps in my career.”

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Source: Erasmus MC intranet

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