Publicated: 03 Oct, 2018

Create your own event

Create your own event for Studium Generale!

Studium Generale organizes a wide variety of programming for students of the EUR (including EMC and EUC) in the field of science and culture. From lectures and debates to film nights, open stage nights, concerts and theater shows, courses and workshops. Of all so, but always for students!

What would you like to program if you got the chance?

Studium Generale challenges students of the EUR (including EMC and EUC) to organize a program / event. This can be anything! It should of course be for students and in line with the objective of Studium Generale.

Pitch your program proposal and maybe you will receive € 500, – program budget to run it!

The conditions:
• The organization consists of one or more EUR students.
• Your program proposal is consistent with the objective of Studium Generale ( and takes place under the name of Studium Generale.
• The target audience of your program is the (international) students of the EUR.
• Include in your proposal: Description and motivation of the program idea, location, publicity, budget and expected number of visitors.
• You will receive from us € 500, – program budget, but of course you can arrange additional funding yourself.
• Submit your proposal before November 1 2018 at
• You’ll hear before November 6 if we have chosen your proposal for realization.

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