Publicated: 23 Mar, 2021

Most of our teaching to be online this fall

Due to the uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 measures for higher education, most of our teaching activities this fall, will take place online.

Although we would prefer to offer on-campus teaching activities, we expect that this will likely remain a challenge throughout the second half of this year due to the limited Erasmus MC building capacity while COVID measures are still in place. Our decision to continue our online teaching allows us to guarantee the fall courses can take place as planned despite the continuing uncertainty of the situation. Where possible, we will provide a hybrid form of education; small scale on campus project work groups and bonding & belonging events.

Our main focus remains on ensuring high quality education both online and in-class.

What does online education at NIHES look like?

Just like in-class learning, our online learning offers a rich, interactive experience that includes web lectures and regular virtual contact with your peers and the lecturers. The courses are set up with a clear structure and logical gradual build-up. Many courses facilitate interaction among fellow students using discussion boards, live chat, virtual break-out sessions, quizzes, etc. Outside the course there is also opportunity to connect with your fellow students in organized ‘bonding & belonging’ events. The estimated workload will be indicated per course and you will receive technical and personal support along the way. Note that the starting dates of courses, and dates of exams are fixed, and active participation will be required.

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