Publicated: 07 Sept, 2021

Winner Lambers Student Excellence Award 2021

Our new graduate Charlie Sewalt did not only receive her research MSc in Health Sciences last week, but was also rewarded with the Lambers Student Excellence Award 2021!

During the Opening of the Academic Year at Erasmus University, she was handed the award, which contains a monetary value of 3,500 euros and a medal.

You can watch the video here

Charlie belonged to the top 10% of her year, when she was invited by the dean to apply for admission to one of Erasmus MC’s research master’s programs, parallel to her medical master’s degree. She chose the Research Master in Health Sciences, specialisation Epidemiology, and completed this program Cum Laude. During the same period she also completed the Master of Science in Health Care Management. She did her master’s thesis at the Center of Medical Decision Making, which is part of the Department of Public Health. She proved to be an exceptionally talented and driven young researcher. In a short time, Charlie became involved in a number of successful collaborations with colleagues from different departments within and outside Erasmus MC.


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