Publicated: 05 Sept, 2019

The Professor H.W. Lambers Prize

NIHES Alumnus Silvan Licher has been awarded with The Professor H.W. Lambers Prize. Every year, the prize is presented to an outstanding student with two master degrees. 

After he finished his Medicine master programme in 2016, Silvan Licher started on his doctoral programme at Erasmus MC’s Epidemiology Department. During this programme he was awarded a cum laude master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology. The jury is impressed by the various extracurricular activities that Licher undertook during his studies; for example, establishing Erasmus MC Students for Clinical Applied Practice and Endeavour – or ESCAPE for short. ESCAPE was founded in partnership with the General Practice Department, for the benefit of students who want to broaden their knowledge of basic medicine. Licher is fascinated by the concept of multimorbidity. He plans to use the prize money to study this subject in greater depth – a laudable ambition in the jury’s view.

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