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Kirtie Ramdas | Netherlands

Kirtie is following a MSc in Health Sciences specialising in Clinical Epidemiology part-time while she pursues her PhD in Dermatology.

"An incredible advantage in your future career"

Kirtie Ramdas

The reason I decided to follow this Master programme is mainly because it gives you a much deeper understanding of scientific research and allows you to expand your scientific thinking and skills. I believe it is an asset for a medical doctor to evolve as a scientist and it contributes significantly to my PhD studies. Additionally, it is great that the programmes at NIHES offer a variety of courses from which students are able to choose based on their interests and needs. Also, part of the Master Degree studies is the Erasmus Summer Programme which has an international character and offers dynamic education. I definitely recommend the programmes that NIHES offers because they enable you to think from different perspectives and are an incredible advantage in your future career.

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